Maddex Turbine Services Limited is an independently owned facility specializing in overhaul, maintenance, and repair of Rolls Royce (now Siemens) gas turbines that are no longer supported by the OEM. We work specifically with gas turbines used in a variety of applications such as: electrical generation, marine propulsion, and gas compression. Our passion for bringing the highest quality service to the turbine repair industry, backed by a passionate team of certified turbine technicians makes us unrivalled among our peers. Our team is ready to handle any challenge that comes their way.

Gas Turbine Overhaul
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To us, running a business is not just about getting the work done, it’s also about being honest and open with our customers. We ensure that the job is done efficiently, with care and attention to detail. Whatever problems may arise, we’re committed to fixing it with utmost respect to the customer’s needs.

Maddex Turbine Services Technician servicing turbine

Instead of replacing a gas turbine, it can be much more profitable for a business to repair any wear and tear and continue to use the current turbine. That’s where we come in. We want our clients to be able to continue daily operations without the high cost of having to replace their turbines. Our certified turbine technicians are trained to deal with specific problems that come with older models that have low end or discontinued support through the OEM.

We’ve worked with customers from many different industries all over the globe, and we understand just how important it is that turbines are up and running as quickly as possible. At our facility we walk through every job in an efficient, cost effective manner and run vigorous performance tests after the fact to ensure that the engines are operating within required performance parameters. Then we seal the deal with an unparalleled warranty program so that we know the client is covered every step of the way.

Maddex TSL operates out of Fort St. John, BC, Canada but we serve on a global level. With the advancement of technology, our world is becoming busier by the day. More businesses are popping up all the time and it’s hard to know where to look when searching for trusted individuals to take care of mechanical problems. Having worked with clients from South America, Africa, and Japan, we’ve shown that our reach knows no bounds, physical or cultural. What matters is that the client’s needs are met down to the finest detail, and we will do so without hesitation.


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