We specialize in the repair of gas turbines including Siemens (Rolls Royce) Avon, Siemens (Rolls Royce) 501-K, Rolls Royce Olympus, Rolls Royce Tyne, Rolls Royce Spey, Solar Centaur, Solar Saturn, Orenda OTF-3. We’re passionate about working on engines and take pride in doing their best work during every job. This excitement for turbine repair is what drives us—we believe that with every challenge comes an opportunity to learn something new. We are dedicated to constant improvement, and it shows in our work.

3D Printing Technology

3D modelling turbine component for 3d printing

Maddex TSL is proud to utilize modern 3D printing technologies in our maintenance workflow. 3D printing/Additive manufacturing allows us to create and manufacture unobtainable turbine parts that are essential in the turbine overhaul/maintenance process. We look forward to using this technology to improve our services, offering a greater degree of satisfaction to clients.


SS Turbines logo

Maddex TSL works in partnership with S & S Turbines in the service and repair of General Electric Turbines. For further information on their company and services, their site can be found here: www.ssturbine.com

Auxiliary Overhaul

Maddex Turbine Services pride ourselves in not only our skills in turbine repair, but also supporting our clients in maintaining and repairing their turbine accessories as well.

We work to provide a complete turbine servicing solution for all of our customers. We offer support for overhauling and repair for many aspects of turbine operation including:

  • Fuel pumps
  • Oil pumps
  • Internal and external gearboxes
  • Bleed valve control units
  • External Wheelcases
  • Throttle Valves
  • High Pressure Shut Off Cocks

A part of turbine overhaul and maintenance is understanding the importance of the equipment in its relevant industry. Be it gas compression, marine propulsion, or electrical generation, the turbine is an important piece of machinery that must be completely functional so that operations can run smoothly.

To us, performance testing is just as important as the turbine overhaul/maintenance process. Before being returned to their owner, all turbines are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they meet both industry standards and the satisfaction of the customer.

We believe that it’s important to create strong bonds with our clients: we’re confident in our abilities to take care of your equipment, and we want to instill that confidence in you as well. That’s why we’re committed to an upfront, honest approach when working with our clients. We want to keep you in the loop every step of the way, ensuring that all needs are being met, and so that you know exactly where we are during the process.

Maddex Warranty graphic

Dependability is a number one concern in the turbine overhaul and maintenance industry. Underneath our skilled team of turbine technicians, high-quality services, and testing procedures is an industry-leading warranty that is designed to suit every customer’s needs. Each turbine is shipped from our facility with coverage for one year or up to 8000 hours of run time. Maddex TSL takes pride in being able to deliver peace of mind and a satisfaction guarantee to each customer that comes to us. All warranty claims are dealt with in a timely, professional manner.


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