14001:2015 (Environmental Management)
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System


Maddex Turbine Services Ltd. maintains an environmental policy to promote and maintain environmentally responsible practices for the benefit of our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate. We will conduct and grow our business in a manner that respects the environment and strives to protect and conserve our world’s natural resources.


Maddex Turbine Services Ltd. is working towards continued improvement through the development of programs designed to address the environmental cost and impact of our activities, products and services. We will:

  • Comply with applicable regulations and standards in the industry;
  • Support pollution prevention and minimization programs in the workplace;
  • Use materials and energy efficiently to conserve natural resources;
  • Minimize the emissions that contribute to climate change;
  • Cooperate and develop relationships with our community, suppliers, contractors, government agencies, and other organizations engaged in improving the environment;
  • Review environmental objectives and monitor performance, so that we can properly assess our strengths and weakness, and address them accordingly.

A Greener Workplace

At Maddex Turbine Services Ltd. we recognize that every action taken in the workplace can have an environmental impact. We will strive to create an Eco-friendly workplace that will benefit our employees and the world around us. By implementing the following measures, we can increase our efficiency, save electricity, reduce waste and greenhouse gases, and fulfill our responsibilities to the environment.


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